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As an EDM producer, I was influenced by many artists like Daft Punk, (early) Tiësto, Skrillex, and Flume. However, none resonated more with me than Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) both in music and work ethic.  

On many occasions, Zimmerman would  say that all producers should strive to do everything themselves: composition, sound design, mixing, and mastering. I took this advice to heart; all tracks above were produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by me.


It is easy to hear the progression of my skills from the roughly mixed "Neon" to the more mature "Blood Blue." Through all my remixes, I challenged myself to only use the vocal stems from the original tracks. The only exception is the remix of Some Chords, where I used a stem of one of the lead synths. 



To no one's surprise, my favorite part of being a musician is performing live. I have over 20 years performance experience in classical, jazz, blues, rock, punk, and metal on various instruments (see lesson page). I also love DJing EDM. Check out these two clips:

Live DJ set at 96.7 WERA 11-25-22

JAMonday - Halloween 2019

I'm the pirate on the right (solo at 6:00)! Although there is plenty of footage of me jamming on YouTube, I felt this was a good example of the irreverent nature of my jam session called JAMonday (later JAMclub). I ran sound and MC'ed this event for over two years. My primary goal was to create an inclusive atmosphere where musicians and visual artists could mingle and create art. Many bands were started and a couple who met there got married!

Big thank you to Sandi Redman for filming.


Promotional Content Design

Banners | Give Productions (Transit) | Metropolis DMV

As a Promoter for Give Productions and Metropolis DMV, I've had to make event banners for social media use. I used Polarr editor and later upgraded to Adobe Photoshop. 

Andy C  |  3D Productions |  11-27-22

Warning: Flashing Lights

This promotional video was commissioned by 3D Productions for drum and bass DJ Andy C at Baltimore Soundstage.

Calyx & TeeBee |  3D Productions |  11-27-22

Warning: Flashing Lights

This video was also commissioned by 3D Productions for drum and bass duo Calyx & TeeBee at Karma DC. 

Metropolis DMV |  4-2-22

Warning: Flashing Lights

Hey, it's my cat Freddie and me! This is for my own production business called Metropolis DMV, which gives me freedom to create some funny content (at least I think it's funny). 

Live Visuals

Admittedly, I don't always think to take videos when running visuals at an event. Feel free to visit both 3D Productions and Give Productions Instagram to see footage and pictures of my work in action:

3D Productions

Give Productions



Berklee Online- Music Marketing: Strategy for Consumer Brands (FINAL PROJECT)

This marketing class puts students in the shoes of a brand that is looking to partner with music to market its product. For this project, students were to craft a marketing campaign for a fictional publication called Night Owl Magazine (NOM). According to project parameters, NOM's readership was primarily 25- to 34-year-old males, which left a significant void in the 18- to 34-year-old female demographic. For my project, I decided to cater to the target demographic by making a monthly editorial / live event. I used Canva to create the marketing stack.


Check out my resume 

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