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It was over the moment I played the first chord to Blink 182's All The Small Things though my tiny, overly-distorted amp.

Having taught myself this song through an online source, I realized that the world of the internet was at my fingertips to learn any song I wanted. The problem was that the web couldn't speak back to tell me if my technique was wrong or to suggest what I should do next.

It does now.


After over 20 years of playing and recording instruments, 15 years of teaching group and private lessons, a Bachelors of Music, and countless performances, I'm pleased to offer my services directly to you through your personal computer, tablet, or mobile device.


My goal is to, not only teach you how to play your instrument, but show you why music should be one of your favorite things in the world like it is for me. 



I offer all my classes through the Zoom app. It's free!

My curriculum is tailored to your taste. 

I can transcribe just about any song for your instrument and level; even if your instrument is not in the song. 



Bass Guitar Strings

Electric Bass

Image by Samuel Ramos



I offer all of these classes through the Zoom app too.

With the screen-sharing option through Zoom,

these lessons are now possible. 

An external sound card is recommended.

DJ Headphones


Mixer Keys

Music Production

Sheet Music and Guitar

Theory / Songwriting

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30 mins:


Monthly Subscription (Price Per Lesson):

Half Hour:

Full Hour:



Single "a-la-carte" Sessions:

Half Hour:

Full Hour:



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